How To Play Hard To Get And Get The Woman You Want

I want to get better with women, and all my friends say that I chase them too much and that I should try playing hard to get. What does that even mean? How can I play hard to get with a woman and how does that make her attracted to me?

Henry W.

Henry, playing hard to get works because women… are like cats! Yeah, like cats!

You know when you wake up in the morning, and there’s a big pile of puke next your bed because you didn’t wash the dishes? It’s because your girlfriend is showing her displeasure by puking near your bed! Like a cat!

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Cats love to play hard to get. You know how your girlfriend sh*ts in a big box filled with sand, instead of the toilet? That’s because she’s like a cat!

I’m bored. Are you bored? I’m bored.

Let’s talk about playing hard to get.

It’s not about dancing just out of her reach, nor is it about making it difficult for her to pursue you. Far from it actually. That misses the point of being ‘hard to get’.

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No, being hard to get is a mindset. It means you’ve shifted your focus from “I’m going to do everything I can to be with her” to “If she wants to be with me, that’s great.”

I’m sure you’ve heard the old maxim that people want what they can’t have. That’s true, but there’s another important aspect of that saying: people won’t want something that they can have without effort.

It’s a weird tic of human nature that we don’t value things we didn’t have to work hard for. (This is why trust fund babies are often complete and utter f*cking wastes of life). If the woman you want knows she can have you with no effort, because you’re smitten with her, she’s not going to value you.

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F*cked up, right? If she knows you’re really into her (because of the way you’re acting or the vibes you’re sending her), she knows that she doesn’t have to put in any effort to have you. You’re just there. She can go to you if she feels like it, but if she doesn’t you’re just going to still be there, waiting for her.

That kind of situation turns off women (hell it turns off anyone). People want to earn the affections of other people. They want to be challenged. The thrill is in the chase, so to speak.

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So, if you’ve got one woman you want to sleep with, don’t focus all your energy on her. All that’s going to get you is put in her back pocket, and treated like a last option if nothing else pans out. You should respect yourself more than that.

Instead, open your mindset. Decide that you’re not going to focus all your energy on one woman, but that you’re going to be open to any woman who comes your way. Enjoy the time you spend with each of them, and make sure to keep in mind that your goal isn’t to sleep with them, it’s just to have a good time.

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Then, when the woman you really want thinks of you, she thinks about a guy who’s got options… a guy who is close with a lot of different women and who isn’t pining after her like a lovesick puppy. She knows that she has to be better than those other women in order to have you… and that’s what’s going to inspire her to chase after you.

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that’s what your friends meant by play hard to get… if they even knew what they were talking about. They probably ate lead paint chips as children. You didn’t eat lead paint, did you Henry? Lead paint is bad.

Don’t eat lead paint.

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